Vancity Credit Union: Is Enbridge Your Idea of “Good Money”?

July 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have repeatedly requested from you a complete list of companies that Vancity Credit Union invests in and each time you have ignored me.  Is that because you are ashamed of the fact that you take your members’ money and invest it in evil corporations while hiding behind your “Good Money®” facade?

I am not surprised to discover that Vancity Credit Union is no better than any major bank, since you are so out of step with your members as to bombard them with commercial radio and television advertisements in your branches.  Your idea of “Good Money®” is gentrification and environmental destruction.  In a way you are worse than major banks because they are at least straight up about being evil (just look at the RBC logo).  You lie to people about being a friendly institution but you still engage in fractional reserve lending, which creates debt and inflation, and you still invest in large corporations that have no regard for our environment or our community, and whose mission, in fact, is simply to exploit the earth and its residents for profit.

Do you think most of your members know that their financial institution owns shares in Enbridge?  Maybe you should let them know.  You seem to think that just repeating “Good Money®” over and over will lull people into complacency, but the people of BC are up in arms about Enbridge and through this issue I think they will discover that your “Good Money®” brand is just a facade.

I will be keeping my membership with Vancity Credit Union so I can have my say in changing it, but I will not be keeping my money in an institution that owns shares in Enbridge, and I’ll be encouraging all my friends who are members to take similar action.  Shame on you.

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Vancity Credit Union Invests in Enbridge

July 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

Vancity Credity Union: Stop Advertising to People Against their Will in your Branches

April 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

I visited your Commercial Drive branch today and waited in line several minutes before being served.  While waiting I had no choice but to watch a hockey game being displayed on the TV screen.  During this time I was exposed to no less than three advertisements for a major bank.  At the same time I was subject to radio advertisements for fast food corporations that I despise from the speakers above my head.  The radio ads were so loud that I could hear them despite the fact that I was wearing earplugs.  I walked out of that branch far more aggravated than when I walked in.
What makes you think it’s a good idea to advertise for competing financial institutions within your own credit union?  What makes you think people want to watch television when they’re at the credit union?  People who watch TV can do it in their homes; there is no need for you to force your non-TV watching members to watch a hockey game and corporate advertisements.  There are several non-commercial radio stations to choose from in Vancouver yet you choose to force people to listen to advertisements and pop music against their will.  I suggest playing CBC Radio 2 at 105.7FM or CFRO Community radio at 102.7FM.  You shouldn’t need me to tell you this though.  I can’t believe it’s even considered an option to play commercial radio at your branches since doing so forces your members to listen to advertising against their will.
I understand that Vancity Credit Union made $131 million in profits last year.  Do you mean to tell me that despite earning all that money by practicing fractional reserve banking that you can’t afford an mp3 player (so your employees could put music on it that won’t offend people) or a satellite radio feed?
Why must you make your branches into such an aggravating environment?  Why must it ruin my day every time I go to the credit union?  And most importantly: why should I keep my money in an institution that is clearly so out of step with it’s members?

[sent my online form May 2 2012]

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