Vancity Credity Union: Stop Advertising to People Against their Will in your Branches

April 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

I visited your Commercial Drive branch today and waited in line several minutes before being served.  While waiting I had no choice but to watch a hockey game being displayed on the TV screen.  During this time I was exposed to no less than three advertisements for a major bank.  At the same time I was subject to radio advertisements for fast food corporations that I despise from the speakers above my head.  The radio ads were so loud that I could hear them despite the fact that I was wearing earplugs.  I walked out of that branch far more aggravated than when I walked in.
What makes you think it’s a good idea to advertise for competing financial institutions within your own credit union?  What makes you think people want to watch television when they’re at the credit union?  People who watch TV can do it in their homes; there is no need for you to force your non-TV watching members to watch a hockey game and corporate advertisements.  There are several non-commercial radio stations to choose from in Vancouver yet you choose to force people to listen to advertisements and pop music against their will.  I suggest playing CBC Radio 2 at 105.7FM or CFRO Community radio at 102.7FM.  You shouldn’t need me to tell you this though.  I can’t believe it’s even considered an option to play commercial radio at your branches since doing so forces your members to listen to advertising against their will.
I understand that Vancity Credit Union made $131 million in profits last year.  Do you mean to tell me that despite earning all that money by practicing fractional reserve banking that you can’t afford an mp3 player (so your employees could put music on it that won’t offend people) or a satellite radio feed?
Why must you make your branches into such an aggravating environment?  Why must it ruin my day every time I go to the credit union?  And most importantly: why should I keep my money in an institution that is clearly so out of step with it’s members?

[sent my online form May 2 2012]


Vancity Credit Union: Cut the Pop Music

January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hi.  Yesterday I went into the Burnaby Heights location to withdraw my rent / bills / grocery money, but as soon as I got in line I was assaulted by loathsome modern pop music.  I only lasted a few seconds in line before retreating for the ATM machine, where I could not withdraw all of the money I needed, but at least I was free of that awful sound.

But no, as I walked to the grocery store the terrible song that was on in the credit union was still in my head, and I had to live with it in there my whole way home.  Not only was I late with my bill money because I had to make a second trip to the ATM today to get the rest of the money, but my day took a turn for the worse.

Let me ask you this simple question: Are the majority of your members over or under the age of 16?  Is the answer ‘over’?  I think it is.  Then why do you put on a commercial radio format that is directed at teenagers?  What gives you the right to blare advertisements at your members?

That reminds me, the time before that, when I did make it to the teller I found my view completely surrounded by TV screens.  I mean seriously: do you really think that people don’t get enough screen time at home in front of the TV, at work in front of the computer and staring at their phones in between?  What makes you think people need to watch 5 TVs at once while they’re at the bank?  You need to understand that people go to the credit union not because they want to, but because they have to, so you should at least make the environment in them bearable rather than antagonizing.

Being completely out of step with your customers–that’s the kind of thing I’d expect from a major bank, not a credit union.  If you want my advice about the radio station, play something non-commercial, like CBC.  Please stop insulting the intelligence of your members.

Dear Belgian Fries: You have just lost my business.

December 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi.  I just wanted you to know that you have lost my business.  On occasion I have stopped in to your restaurant for some fries or poutine with a beer, and I really enjoy your products.
The other day though, I ran into an acquaintance on the Drive so we stopped in for some fries and a beer.  We had to hustle through them though, because the stereo was playing awful modern pop music.  The atmosphere in your restaurant speaks to a certain retroness, and a fries shop itself should be conscious that it harkens to North America’s past.  The music played in your restaurant would only be suitable for a teen dance party.  Get your shit together Belgian Fries, and stop chasing away your customers!

Sent via web form on Dec 21 2011

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