Reply to Fred Fox: Protect Your Brother’s Legacy

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Dear Fred Fox,
Apparently you didn’t read my previous letter very carefully.  Don’t you think I’ve already contacted PAVCO about these horrific billboards at Terry Fox Plaza?  Do you really think forwarding them my message is going to make any difference?  I was asking you to take responsibility for your brother’s legacy by getting these billboards removed.  Please, get on the phone with PAVCO, get on the phone with Premier Christy Clark, call the media and go down to Terry Fox Plaza to show the people of BC what an outrage it is to have freestanding, illuminated billboards advertising products that cause cancer overshadowing the grounds of a plaza dedicated to the memory of Canada’s greatest crusader against cancer.
Your brother’s legacy is on the line.  Please take some real action to remedy this situation.
Thank you for your time,


Reply from Fred Fox on the ads at Terry Fox Plaza

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Hi G,

Thank you for making contact with The Terry Fox Foundation regarding your concerns surrounding TF Plaza.

We have forwarded the contents of your email to the folks at BC Place stadium.

All the best,

Fred Fox

Manager of Supporter Relations

The Terry Fox Foundation


Terry Fox Foundation: Do something about the ads for cancer at Terry Fox Plaza

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Dear People of the Terry Fox Foundation,
In recent times I have become infuriated by the fact that there are giant freestanding advertisements on the grounds of BC Place Stadium.  I see them when I drive or cycle down the Georgia viaduct, and there are other on the other side of the stadium grounds.  They block out the view of the sky, a true outrage.  Then I found out that people actually live right in front of those massive advertisements and have to look at them out their front window all day every day.  Then I found out that the location of these advertisements is actually called Terry Fox Plaza.
Wasn’t Terry Fox a crusader against cancer?  Those billboards advertise for aspartame soda and mobile phones, two things known to cause cancer.  How does it make you feel that these advertisements grace a piece of land named for Terry?  Forgive me if I sound demanding here, but can you guys please get on the phone or something and put an end to this?  At least voice your displeasure in the media or something.  We can’t just go on littering every public space with a barrage of unhealthy messages, especially if we want to move toward a healthy, cancer free society.
Thank you,

Please Remove the Giant Screens at Terry Fox Plaza

February 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

[This letter sent via: ]

To: The Honourable Pat Bell, BC Minister of Jobs Tourism and InnovationTo: The Honourable Dana Hayden, BC Deputy Minister of Jobs Tourism and Innovation
To: The Honourable Mary McNeil, MLA Vancouver-False CreekTo: The Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia
To: BC Pavilion Corporation (BC PavCo) Executives and Board of Directors
Cc: The Honourable Spencer Chandra Herbert, Official Opposition Critic for Tourism, Culture and the ArtsCc: The Honourable Geoff Meggs, Vancouver City Councillor

Minister Pat Bell,

As a BC resident, I wish to express my disapproval regarding BC PavCo’s irresponsible decision to erect a 2000 square-foot high-definition LED video screen at Terry Fox Plaza in September 2011.

I believe that this giant screen at Terry Fox Plaza needs to be removed for one or more of the following reasons:

1. The giant video screen violates several sections of the City of Vancouver Sign Bylaw.
2. The Vancouver City Mayor has requested that BC PavCo comply with Vancouver City Bylaws and take the giant video screen down.
3. The giant video screen is 10 times the allowable billboard size and was irresponsibly positioned directly in front of hundreds of glass residential homes.
4. The bright flashing light from the giant video screen threatens the health and well-being of neighbouring residents.
5. The advertisement on the giant video screen greatly dishonours the legacy of Terry Fox by overshadowing the Terry Fox memorial with Telus, Budweiser and Pepsi slogans.
6. The giant video screen was secretly erected without any City consultation, community consultation or community impact assessment.
7. The giant video screen devalues Vancouver and damages the visual appeal of our beautiful cityscapes.
8. The giant video screen runs contrary to Vancouver’s great efforts and progress towards becoming the Greenest City in the world.

I trust that you will immediately take action to rectify this situation and instruct BC PavCo to take the giant screen down now.

Concerned BC resident and Voter

Dear Gregor Robertson: Let’s make Vancouver the Most Beautiful City in the World

February 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hello Gregor,
Firstly I’d like to mention that I was employed by your first successful mayoral campaign knocking on doors and hanging doorhangers.  At the time me and my friends thought we were helping someone who could really make a difference for Vancouver.
So, here we are in your second term (congratulations on the victory), and well, Vancouverites are not much better off than we were before.  Sure, there are more bike lanes.  Thanks for that.  But, have you heard that Vancouver may actually be more expensive to live in than Manhattan?  Check out this article if you haven’t already:
Let’s say this is true, that Vancouver is more expensive than Manhattan.  Well what are we getting in return?  Many people remark about how beautiful Vancouver is, but as I cycle, walk and drive around this great city around every corner I see more and more advertising.  I have been especially bothered by the new freestanding lit up billboards on the grounds of BC Place Stadium.  Now when I drive along the Georgia viaduct instead of looking at the wonderful view of False Creek and the sky, my view is obstructed by lit up, offensive advertising for such products as aspartame soda.  Why is this allowed in our city?  Who gave whoever built those advertisements the right to block out the people of BC’s view of the sky?
But that’s not all, that’s just the most offensive new advertising.  It’s everywhere.  When you leave the office today I want you to look around and try to count how often you are advertised to on your way home.  I’m willing to bet that you won’t even be able to keep count.  That’s because it’s a barrage.  It’s a barrage of advertising so intense that it bypasses your conscious mind (from sheer volume) and streams into your subconscious.
How are we supposed to think straight with a constant barrage of advertising whenever we leave the house?  How are we supposed to have any peace of mind when everywhere we look there is a message telling us we are empty without some product or service?
The effect on peoples’ minds aside: outdoor advertising is extremely ugly.  Once again, I encourage you to take a look outside.  Think about how much more beautiful Vancouver would be without outdoor advertising.  Did you know that Sao Paulo Brazil has no outdoor advertising?  The state of Vermont has no billboards too.  That means that if we really wanted to, we could do it here.  And what a step that would be for Vancouver!  Not only would Vancouver be the most expensive in North America, but it would be the most beautiful, and her residents could go about their lives free from intrusive outdoor advertising.  I think the effect would be truly liberating.
I call on you Mr Robertson, to initiate a complete ban on outdoor advertising here in the great city of Vancouver, because outdoor advertising does absolutely nothing for the people of BC, clutters our city and manipulates its residents.
Thank you for your time, and please keep me updated on your progress.

Reply: VPD: Keep our city beautiful by removing offensive billboards

February 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

I received a reply that essentially said that Constable Hendricks (not the officer who I sent the original letter to) got my letter and has forwarded it to PAVCO, the crown corporation that runs BC Place Stadium, and encouraged me to contact my MLA.  I have not included the verbatim reply in here though, because I found this as a post-script:

“This transmission may contain confidential or privileged communications, and the sender does not waive any related rights and obligations. If you are not the intended recipient and have received this in error, you must immediately destroy it. Unauthorized copying or distribution of any information herein is strictly prohibited and may constitute a criminal offence, a breach of provincial or Federal privacy laws, or may otherwise result in legal sanctions. We ask that you notify the Vancouver Police Department immediately of any transmission received in error, by reply E-mail to the sender”

Reply: City of Vancouver: Please remove offensive billboards

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Hello G,
Unforunately the City is limited in it’s ability to regulate developments initiated by the Province of BC.  Please contact the Provincal government to voice your concerns and your desire to have the sign removed.  Please note, I don’t have contact information to reach someone in the Ministry, but you may wish to visit the Province of BC website at
I hope this has been of some assistance,
Vincent Amendolagine
Zoning and Building
Enquiry Telephone Centre Supervisor,
City of Vancouver

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