Q: Provide a Balanced Perspective on Vaccines

May 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

Dear Q,

I was very disappointed by your program today.  Your so-called “discussion” on what to do about the anti-vaccination movement was very one-sided, and I expect better from the Q team.

While it’s possible that some vaccines do actually work, you can’t blame people for having doubts about what the government and big pharma wants to inject into their children’s bodies, especially considering how many people have already died due to big pharma’s negligence combined with gov’t cooperation.  I’d like to remind you that over 100 000 people die each year from taking prescription drugs as recommended.

We are currently experiencing a health epidemic, especially among children, and it’s undoubtedly due to factors in the environment.  Nobody knows exactly what is causing the explosion in autism and other chronic diseases, but one thing’s for sure — following the government’s health advice is not working.  It is absolutely arrogant to assume that none of the chronic conditions currently on the rise are caused by routine injections of heavy metals like mercury.  The pharmaceutical industry is a massive industry with tentacles in many other industries, such as the media, and one cannot be expected to get balanced information about it in the mass media.  I do, however, expect more of my favourite radio show, Q.

It seems to me as though every pro-vaccine activist merely appeals to the authority of the government and big pharma controlled organizations like the Centre for Disease Control, hide behind slogans, or mention a supposedly discredited study by Andrew Wakefield in the UK as though his was the only study linking vaccines to autism, when in fact at least 22 studies link vaccines with autism.  The worst though, is when people mention the experience of Jenny McCarthy, as though because a mother used to be a model, she is too stupid to have any insights into her child’s condition.  Pro-vaccine zealots like your guests like to imply that only crazy, uneducated people question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, when in fact many doctors and scientists are among those with doubts and objections.  I consider it your job at Q to provide a wide range of perspectives on any given issue, and usually you do, but today on Q were guilty of subscribing to the dogma that vaccines are always safe and effective while failing to address that there are multiple billions of dollars relying on the perpetuation of this dogma and without providing any of the perspectives offered by the anti-vaccine movement.  By doing this you trivialize the experiences of vaccine damaged people and their parents, and you cheat your audience of a fair discussion.

Lucija Tomljenovic, a molecular chemist from  UBC co-authored a study at UBC showing that one is more likely to experience adverse affects from Merck’s Gardasil vaccine than contract the disease it supposedly immunizes against.  I’m sure she would have been happy to talk to you, yet you chose to air three guests with essentially the same point of view.

Please do better Q, and sharpen your bullshit detectors.



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