Vancouver Police: Enforce the Diamond Lane on Hastings!

September 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dear Vancouver Police,

Want somethings useful to do?  Would you like to give out a hundred or more traffic tickets in a day?  Enforce the diamond (HOV) lane on Hastings Street between Clark and Cassiar heading east.  From 3pm to 6pm the far right lane on Hastings street is a diamond lane reserved for cyclists and buses, and it’s clearly marked as such by overhead signs every few metres.
The last few times I rode up there, including today, several cars and trucks nearly knocked me off my bike as they zoomed by me.  It’s a clearly marked diamond lane, but since people were passing so close to me I had to hug the curb, and even then some people paused to jeer at me before zooming ahead rudely, as though I had no right to even be on the edge of the clearly marked lane reserved for cyclists and buses.
If you really want to give out a lot of fines, you should put a plainclothes officer on a bike riding east with a wireless radio connection to cruisers ahead.  The cycling officer could then radio ahead which cars passed him or her in the diamond lane and the cruiser could pull them over and hand out fines for using the HOV lane and dangerous driving.
Please do something.  The situation as it is is ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS, and I wouldn’t capitalize letters like that if I wasn’t really really serious.  Please do inform me of any progress you make on this.  Mark my words: people abuse that HOV lane all the way into Burnaby and it really shouldn’t go on any longer.



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