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May 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello David,
I flat out do not believe that having Rogers (in any form) as a corporate partner could never affect your programming decisions.  By putting their logo on your posters you de-legitimize the festival in lots of peoples’ eyes, mine especially.  Your festival is clearly not independent and grassroots if it has a corporate logo on the poster.
Remember: as a rule only a minimum of one out of ten people will actually complain–the rest will simply silently take their money somewhere else, so I am just one of many people who won’t be buying tickets because of your association with Rogers.  This means that, although your tickets may be cheaper, fewer people will be attending your festival due to the sponsorship.  I suppose that’s a tradeoff you’re willing to make.
I think it is a cop-out for you to say that you couldn’t put on an affordable festival without corporate sponsors.  You could organize fundraising concerts, start an indiegogo campaign, cut costs by using a cheaper venue, or show the films outdoors.
By allowing the Rogers logo on your posters you contribute to the senseless saturation of our mental environment with corporate iconography.  You also lend support to price gouging, corporate spying and electromagnetic pollution.  Also, by allowing them to sponsor your festival, you allow Rogers to be associated with something good — a documentary festival — which allows them to deflect attention from the price gouging, corporate spying and electromagnetic pollution they’re responsible for.
I noticed you mentioned that Rogers gives money to “independent media producers”; well, the moment media producers accept money from Rogers they cease to be independent.  You are the corporate documentary festival, and you can count me out.



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