To ‘This is That’ on CBC Radio

October 14, 2012 § 1 Comment


I caught your interesting interview regarding the Caucasian “Canadian” who apparently died in what is now called Canada around 1850.  While it was fascinating for me to learn how people at that time walked primarily on their knees to escape from Pterodactyls and such, however I take issue with some of your reporting.  Seeing how Canada wasn’t inaugurated until 1867, there was no such place as Canada, nor were there Canadians before that time.  People of European descent lived in what is now called Canada at that time, but they were mainly either British or French subjects.  It is for similar reasons that it seems to me ridiculous that the Harper Government is spending millions of dollars commemorating the ‘War of 1812’, as a war between Canada and the USA, when obviously there was no such entity as Canada at that time.

Thanks for the enlightening interview, and keep up the good work.



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  • kaan says:

    I resonate wholeheartedly with your disdain at the ridiculous political sputtering about how “Canada” was at war in 1812 (or infact doing anything prior to 1867). That notion was fun comedy in the Arrogant Worms song but it hardly deserves recognition beyond that. Perhaps I am not surprised that our farcical government draws propaganda inspiration from such places.

    With respect to “This is that”, they are a comedy show. Their work is intended to be satirical. A real down side, I think, is that by including contemporary propaganda in such dry satire you run the risk of reinforcing it rather than making a mockery of it.

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