Ban Farmed Salmon Too!

October 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hello Gregor,
Last night I finally watched the shark movie — you know: Sharkwater — and now I fully understand why you guys want to ban shark fin soup in Vancouver.  How’s that going?  Funny story: Me and my friends were on the hunt for soup a while back and wound up at a restaurant on Hastings with big dried shark fins behind glass by the door.  We noticed several varieties of expensive shark fin soup on the menu and couldn’t really find what we were looking for.  We took a while to decide and order.  I can’t even remember what we got, but it definitely wasn’t shark fin soup.  Like many bad restaurants, this one had a flat screen TV on the wall, and oddly enough, there was a nature documentary on about how destructive the shark fin industry is.  So there we were sitting at a shark fin restaurant watching the brutal process of shark finning on TV.  Some of us swore that the staff or the one table actually eating shark fin soup would notice what’s on the screen and change it.  I proposed that the restaurant actually played the shark documentary on purpose for some reason.
As it turns out though, it was just a coincidence that the shark documentary came on while we were there, as a show about galaxies came on after it.  I think the fact that the staff and diners at that restaurant didn’t notice the bloody footage relating to the meal they were involved with goes to show how unaware people can be.  The truth can be right there in front of them, lit up, on a flat screen TV, but if it interferes with their entitlement to consume whatever they want they just don’t see it.
That wasn’t the only shark coincidence though.  The next day I saw posters with sharks pictures on them, informing people about a protest at a restaurant that serves shark fin soup (not the same restaurant).  Then when I went busking with Roberto at Grandview Park, people were getting their signs together for the protest.
So, Norwegian corporations have somehow wound up being able to farm salmon off the BC coast, endangering our wild stocks for their short term financial gain.  I realize you are only the mayor of Vancouver, and you can’t just put on a super hero suit and get rid of the fish farms.  One thing you could do though, is ban the sale of farmed salmon in Vancouver!  Am I right?  The decimation of shark populations is a terrible, horribly reckless and shortsighted thing to do and I think people who participate in the industry, from fishermen to consumer, should be exposed and shamed for their selfishness, but the same goes for salmon farms.  The salmon farming issue actually hits closer to home than the shark fin issue, since wild salmon are the lifeline of our coast.  We need to stand up for the salmon like we’re standing up for the sharks!  I urge you to ban farmed salmon in Vancouver, and send a message to the world that open pen salmon farming is not okay!


To ‘This is That’ on CBC Radio

October 14, 2012 § 1 Comment


I caught your interesting interview regarding the Caucasian “Canadian” who apparently died in what is now called Canada around 1850.  While it was fascinating for me to learn how people at that time walked primarily on their knees to escape from Pterodactyls and such, however I take issue with some of your reporting.  Seeing how Canada wasn’t inaugurated until 1867, there was no such place as Canada, nor were there Canadians before that time.  People of European descent lived in what is now called Canada at that time, but they were mainly either British or French subjects.  It is for similar reasons that it seems to me ridiculous that the Harper Government is spending millions of dollars commemorating the ‘War of 1812’, as a war between Canada and the USA, when obviously there was no such entity as Canada at that time.

Thanks for the enlightening interview, and keep up the good work.


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