Dear Gregor Robertson: Rename Vancouver “Richcouver”

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Dear Mr Robertson,

Thank you for your tireless efforts eliminating working class people from this great city of Vancouver.  When I bought a condo here ten years ago I honestly thought I would just leave it empty for most of the year other than the two weeks or so a year I come here on business, but I’ve fallen in love with Vancouver, and now I practically ignore all my condos in other cities.  I barely stepped foot in my London condo last year!

Anyway, as you are surely aware, there is still a bit of an icky problem here in Vancouver.  Everywhere I go I still see those telltale cheap shoes, tacky fashion sense and bags under the eyes of working class people.  I see them almost every week that I’m here – galavanting around Commercial Drive and Main Street like they own the place.  Don’t they understand?  Can they not take a hint?

Allowing developers to plow over neighbourhoods to make way for condos has been a great start, and rigging bylaws to reduce the prevalence of that God-awful live music working class people are so fond of has also helped, but I think you and city council should take another step – a decisive action to eliminate working class people from Vancouver forever – change the name of Vancouver to “Richcouver”.  That way there will be no misconceptions about who Vancouver is here for.

Have you ever met somebody who’s actually from Vancouver?  They’re hard to find, but they’re out there.  It’s funny to see them get all worked up about being shoved to the margins.  If you want to see them get red in the face just mention how they should have gotten in on all the economic benefits of the Olympics while it was still here, or mention how great the Northern Gateway Pipeline will be for them.

Sure, we’ll still need working class people to serve us in restaurants, clean our condos, fix the streets and such, but that doesn’t mean they have the right to live here.  You and Provincial gov’t have done a great job by allowing Translink to charge obscene amounts for “public transit”, and adding turnstiles to Skytrain stations adds the insulting icing on the cake.  I love to watch them cue up and dump their money down the drain just so they can travel downtown to work for us.  Forcing working people out of the city by making it too expensive for them to live here while at the same time making “public transit” too expensive to ride has been a pretty effective tactic, as working class people who live on the margins won’t be able to accumulate enough money to come here for any purpose other than work.  That’s a great start – let them work here but send them off to Surrey at the end of the work day – but changing the name of Vancouver to “Richcouver” will implant in the feeble working class mind just who Vancouver is for.

Every once in a while I drive around East Vancouver in my Mercedes, and I still see neighbourhoods of actual houses with yards and trees lining the roads, with young families raising children in traffic-calmed streets and parks, and it just makes me sick.  Parks are for miniature dogs to poop in, and streets are for driving.  We need condos with underground parking – not houses with yards; we need fashion boutiques and Whole Foods – not thrift stores and community gardens; we need more Starbucks and less live music!

Sure, I know displacing people isn’t as easy as it used to be, and yes, I see you are doing a decent job slowly destroying Commercial Drive and Mount Pleasant, but come on Gregor – we can do more to eliminate working people from Vancouver – rename it “Richcouver”!


sent by email Aug 13 2012


Response from MEC

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Hi G,

Sorry to hear you’ve decided to withdrawal your membership based on MEC’s
new billboard advertising in North Vancouver.

I’ve attached a membership withdrawal form, which you can complete and
return at your convenience.  Once the withdrawal has been processed you will
receive a cheque for the balance of your membership (please be advised that
the receipt of your cheque may take upwards of a few months as cheques are
only printed a few times a year).

For what it’s worth, this decision was not made lightly and due diligence
was done in advance with respect to the concerns you highlighted.  As a
result, MEC believes that this is a good way to raise the awareness of our
stores while minimizing the impact attached to outdoor media, particularly
as we’ve evolved away from what was our traditional marketing strategy, the
printed catalogue.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions or concerns
regarding the withdrawal process, or otherwise.

Kind Regards,

MEC Service Centre

Mountain Equipment Co-op
130 W. Broadway
Vancouver BC V5Y 1P3

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