MEC: Stop Supporting Offensive Billboards

July 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

I would like to revoke my membership in Mountain Equipment Co-op.  I have noticed that you have put advertisements on the full colour, illuminated billboards situated near the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge in North Vancouver.  These billboards were put there by Astral Media with the permission of the Squamish Nation, however the majority of North Vancouver residents oppose these ugly, distracting and dangerous advertisements.

These billboards uglify our beautiful city and make an already dangerous stretch of highway even more dangerous.  The District of North Vancouver Council has put pressure on the Squamish Nation to take them down but they have not.  Have you noticed that your advertisements are interspersed with ads for General Electric – one of the most nefarious organizations in history?

Would you say that MEC members are the types of people who appreciate nature?  I’d say so.  Do you think your members are in favour of tarnishing our environment with ugly advertisements?  Those billboards are an insult to the people of North Vancouver, and you are supporting it.  In addition, you are contributing to the needless bombardment of commercial messages that happens every day in this and other cities due to the prevalence of outdoor advertising.

Shame on you MEC, and please tell me how to get my shares back, as I will never be shopping at your stores as long as your ads are on those awful billboards.


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