VPD: Please keep our city beautiful by removing offensive billboards

February 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear Constable Longley,
I did hear from the city on this issue, and they informed me that if I have any issues with particular billboards that I need only find a phone number on the billboard itself. Well, I took time out of my busy day last week to find said number and I couldn’t find it.
What I did discover though, is that this ugly-as-sin, lit-up billboard advertising aspartame soda (among other things) is actually on the property of BC Place Stadium, which I understand is owned by a the people of BC, through the crown corporation BC Pavilion Corporation.
Do you think the people of British Columbia would choose to have a lit-up billboard block out their view of the sky and distract them while they’re driving, or would they choose to keep their city beautiful and free of distractions if they had a choice?
Seeing how the people of BC were not consulted on this manner, and seeing how there is actually no phone number on the advertisement as I was told there has to be by the city, I request that you take down this billboard and it’s matching billboard (also on BC Place Stadium property). One of Vancouver’s selling points is that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. These, and other outdoor advertisements, drastically reduce Vancouver’s esthetic appeal and do literally nothing positive for the people of BC.
Kindly let me know when these billboards will be removed and when those responsible for them will be brought to justice.
Thank you,


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