Please Remove the Giant Screens at Terry Fox Plaza

February 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

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To: The Honourable Pat Bell, BC Minister of Jobs Tourism and InnovationTo: The Honourable Dana Hayden, BC Deputy Minister of Jobs Tourism and Innovation
To: The Honourable Mary McNeil, MLA Vancouver-False CreekTo: The Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia
To: BC Pavilion Corporation (BC PavCo) Executives and Board of Directors
Cc: The Honourable Spencer Chandra Herbert, Official Opposition Critic for Tourism, Culture and the ArtsCc: The Honourable Geoff Meggs, Vancouver City Councillor

Minister Pat Bell,

As a BC resident, I wish to express my disapproval regarding BC PavCo’s irresponsible decision to erect a 2000 square-foot high-definition LED video screen at Terry Fox Plaza in September 2011.

I believe that this giant screen at Terry Fox Plaza needs to be removed for one or more of the following reasons:

1. The giant video screen violates several sections of the City of Vancouver Sign Bylaw.
2. The Vancouver City Mayor has requested that BC PavCo comply with Vancouver City Bylaws and take the giant video screen down.
3. The giant video screen is 10 times the allowable billboard size and was irresponsibly positioned directly in front of hundreds of glass residential homes.
4. The bright flashing light from the giant video screen threatens the health and well-being of neighbouring residents.
5. The advertisement on the giant video screen greatly dishonours the legacy of Terry Fox by overshadowing the Terry Fox memorial with Telus, Budweiser and Pepsi slogans.
6. The giant video screen was secretly erected without any City consultation, community consultation or community impact assessment.
7. The giant video screen devalues Vancouver and damages the visual appeal of our beautiful cityscapes.
8. The giant video screen runs contrary to Vancouver’s great efforts and progress towards becoming the Greenest City in the world.

I trust that you will immediately take action to rectify this situation and instruct BC PavCo to take the giant screen down now.

Concerned BC resident and Voter


Reply from Senator Green Raine on Bill C-10

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Thank you for taking the time to contact the office of Senator Nancy Greene Raine.  Your correspondence will be brought to the Senator’s attention as soon as possible.






Mercie d’avoir communiqué avec le cabinet du Sénateur Nancy Greene Raine.  Votre courriel sera apporté à l’attention du Sénateur dans les plus brefs délais.





Gail Bonus-VanEssen

Special Assistant to Senator Nancy Greene Raine

140 Wellington,  Room 310

Ottawa, Ontario   K1A 0A4

Tel:   613-947-4052

Fax:  613-947-4054

Reply from Senator Jaffer on Bill C-10

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I have the same concerns as you have


Senator St. Germain: Help Stop Bill C-10

February 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear Senator St. Germain,
Canadian Senators like yourself are now the only thing that can stop bill C-10.  When I look at your picture I see someone who believes ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.  Sure, the media may fixate on violent crime and make it seem like there is high crime now, but in reality crime rates have been going down for decades in Canada.  I am concerned how legislation creating prisons could be combined with legislation allowing the government to spy on all Canadians online to create a frightening police state situation.
Please be a sober second look and vote against Bill C-10.
Thank you,

Senator Green Raine: Bill C-10 is bad for Canada

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Dear Senator Green Raine,
I remember you from your days as a skier.  As a senator your job is to give legislation a sober second look.  Well if there ever was a time for a sober second look it is with bill C-10.  Not only will it raise crime rates and put more Canadians in prison than ever before, but it creates the infrastructure for a police state.  If such a bill were combined with the online surveillance powers that Harper wants it could make for some pretty frightening results.
I ask you to look inside your heart and really ask yourself if bill C-10 is good for Canada, and please vote against bill C-10.
Thank you,

Senator Neufeld: Look in your heart and vote against Bill C-10

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Dear Senator Neufeld,
Your job as a senator is to give legislation a sober second look.  If there was ever a time for a sober second look it is now, with bill C-10.  This could be the worst legislation ever tabled in Canada and I encourage you to look into your heart and do the right thing by voting against it.
Thank you for your time,

Senator Yonah Martin: Please Do Not Pass Bill C-10

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Dear Mrs Martin,
Let’s face it, Bill C-10 is just not going to work.  It will only serve to increase crime and put more Canadians in prison than ever before.  If it didn’t work in Texas it’s not going to work here.  Please do the right thing, and do not pass bill C-10.
Thank you,

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