Dear Telus: Where are all the Payphones?

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Sent by mail Dec 22 2011


Dear Belgian Fries: You have just lost my business.

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Hi.  I just wanted you to know that you have lost my business.  On occasion I have stopped in to your restaurant for some fries or poutine with a beer, and I really enjoy your products.
The other day though, I ran into an acquaintance on the Drive so we stopped in for some fries and a beer.  We had to hustle through them though, because the stereo was playing awful modern pop music.  The atmosphere in your restaurant speaks to a certain retroness, and a fries shop itself should be conscious that it harkens to North America’s past.  The music played in your restaurant would only be suitable for a teen dance party.  Get your shit together Belgian Fries, and stop chasing away your customers!

Sent via web form on Dec 21 2011

Get it Together Google

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There is too much advertising on Youtube.  It’s hardly worth using anymore.  It’s become about as useless as myspace.  Why don’t you guys stop being so damn greedy and provide this service in a decent way that doesn’t make people quiver with annoyance.  Isn’t a banner advertisement for corporate America enough?  Why do you need to annoy the shit out of people by putting pop up ads too, and those god awful ads that pre-empt your video.  Get it together Google.

[Sent via web-form on Dec 17 2011]

Smart Meters: Thanks, but I’d like to Opt Out

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Hi there. I received your notification on my door handle informing me that a smart meter has been installed on our home. Thanks so much for thinking of us, but we’re going to have to go ahead and opt out of the smart meter program. Please do let us know when you’ll be able to come by and replace it with one of the old meters. We’re a little concerned about the RF Radiation associated with the meters, and we were never consulted about the privacy concerns raised by letting a corporation know when we turn on the computer and switch the lights on.
So yeah, once again, we appreciate you thinking of us, but we’ve decided to opt out. See you soon.

[Send via internet form on Dec 14 2011]

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