Letter # 3 – Gregor Robertson: I am a voter and I support Occupy Vancouver

November 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

[Written via email on Nov 7 2011 to gregor.robertson@vancouver.ca]

Dear Mr. Robertson,
Firstly I’d like to let you know that I worked on behalf of your campaign when you got elected four years ago.  Myself and several of my friends worked hard for you hanging doorhangers, knocking on doors and such, and we did so not just for the pay, but because we believed in you.  We believed that you are a genuine person, and that you could enact real change here in Vancouver that would resonate around the world.
Now the news has come down that the Occupy Vancouver protesters are being evicted from the Art Gallery.  The very unfortunate death of a young woman is being used as a pretense to remove the protest.  As mayor of Vancouver surely you know that this city has a hard drug addiction problem.  The whole world knows that.  People overdose and die here all the time.  A woman was thrown out of a DTES hotel and killed a while back and nothing was done about that.  Don’t you know that if people are going to be homeless in Vancouver that they are way safer at the Occupy camp than anywhere else?
You have made a dire mistake at a critical time.  Are you not aware that evicting the protesters makes it look as though you are on the side of the international banking cartel, otherwise known as the 1%?  Well then Gregor; who’s side are you on?  Are you on the side of the weasels who have turned our financial system into a pyramid scheme, or are you on the side of the people of this city who slave for this system for mere survival?  Don’t you know these bankers only see you as a pawn, and that if you sincerely supported the people that we’d look after you?  You are surely losing lots of votes by supporting the cry of your despicable opponent Susan Anton.  This election now looks no better than the charade they have every 4 years in the USA, where 15% of the hypnotized population vote for one or the other face of the same monster.  With both mayoral candidates now showing contempt for the true interests of the people of Vancouver who are we going to vote for now?  With you now selling out your constituents by evicting the protest and losing scores of votes that only makes the awful NPA even stronger because their misguided voters won’t waiver on this issue.  I feel that you have just doomed your campaign and doomed Vancouver.  Now I sincerely do not know who to vote for.  Please turn this around and show who you really support.  We all know this is about politics and not about fire safety.  Look outside; does it look like a fire’s about to start?
Truly betrayed and disappointed,



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