Jian Ghomeshi’s Advertisement for a Major Bank

November 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

[written via web-form to CBC Radio on Nov 3 2011]

Hello. I was listening to your programming today while working as a delivery driver. It was between programs and a short preview for a coming program came on featuring the voice of Jian Ghomeshi. I don’t remember the exact time, but it was before Jian’s show. I don’t remember the exact content of the preview, except that Jian was plugging a show regarding a particular literary prize. This would all be fine except that he mentioned the name of the major bank Scotiabank in the preview because said major bank has purchased naming rights for that prize.
One of the primary reasons I listen to your programming is because I know there will be no advertising. Furthermore, I am bombarded by advertising, especially from major banks, every single day in this city. All the major banks, including Scotiabank, literally create debt and inflation by creating money out of thin air. It is needless to say that I was offended to hear an advertisement for this institution on air and I immediately changed the station.
Corporate naming is advertisement, no matter how you look at — it’s bought and paid for. In my opinion it is the most insidious of all forms of advertisement because it colonizes people’s speech without their consent and often their knowledge. I do not want to hear advertisement of this or any kind on our so-called non-commercial public radio. Please stop it, since I enjoy your programming and wish to continue listening.
I ask you this: would the literary prize be the same without the corporate naming? Has CBC received any payment to advertise for Scotiabank?
Please do answer my questions and let me know what is being done about this. Thank you for your time.


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