Having Trouble Locating the Water Fountain

January 27, 2017 § Leave a comment

Hello BC Ferries,
Not that I have any other option, I am currently waiting for a ferry from Victoria to Vancouver as a walk-on, and I am in Berth 1.  I am very thirsty and have been having troubles locating the water fountain.  Where is it?  Why is it not clearly marked?  I am so thirsty that I had to drink warm water from the automatic tap in the men’s washroom.  Is this related to the construction going on here?  I find it very odd that I have been provided with free electricity and wireless internet, yet I cannot find a water fountain.
Please respond, and also please act.  I’m sure that hundreds of people pass through this berth every day, and people need water.


Response to ‘Wake-up Call for the alt-right: a Beige Horizon is Inevitable’

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Dear Mr. Lazarus:

CBC’s Office of the Ombudsman deals with complaints about CBC’s news and current affairs content. The Ombudsman has a mandate to determine whether information content the CBC has produced fully respects CBC’s journalism policy.
Entertainment programming is generally beyond the mandate and jurisdiction of this office.  However, I have forwarded your e-mail to Michelle Daly, Senior Director, Comedy, CBC Scripted Content, so that your concerns may be shared with the appropriate programmers.

Reply to ‘Fake News Reported Yesterday’

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Dear Mr. Lazarus:

I write to acknowledge receipt of your email.  I have shared it with Jennifer McGuire, General Manager and Editor in Chief of CBC News, so that she will be aware of your concerns.


Esther Enkin

Letter to CBC – “Beige Horizon”

December 30, 2016 § Leave a comment

Wake-up Call for the alt-right: a Beige Horizon is Inevitable

The CBC “comedy” television show This Hour has 22 Minutes recently presented a music video both on TV and the internet (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wb55teb1gJ0) by the above title. The video unabashedly calls for the extinction of all the world’s races and amalgamation into one “beige” race. It poses this future as inevitable and positive, claiming that “we’ll all look the same by the year 3000”. Would it be okay for CBC to produce a video chanting “white power, white power, white power” and calling for the extinction of other races? Is diversity not considered a value by the CBC? Everyone being the same is the opposite of diversity. This content is not presented as satire as well; they are serious.
I find this video to be hackneyed, unfunny and non-factual (the “rapper” claims that “we’ve been [genetically] mix ‘n’ matchin’ since the break of day”, which is factually inaccurate.
Please cancel ‘This Hour has 22 Minutes’ for advocating genocide and fire everyone involved in this segment.
Kindly inform me via email when the aforementioned people have been fired. Thanks.

[sent by online form]

Letter to CBC Ombudsman: Fake News Reported Yesterday

December 30, 2016 § Leave a comment

Fake News Reported Yesterday

I was driving through Manitoba yesterday and listened to the news on CBC Radio. The article in question was about the White House expelling Russian diplomats and imposing sanctions. The presenter referred to supposed Russian gov’t hacking that supposedly influenced the US election as though it’s a proven fact that this occurred when there is zero evidence to support this claim. At the very least the presenter should have included the qualifier “alleged” before the dubious claim in question. Reporting unsubstantiated rumours as though they are facts is misleading and wrong, and I’d like to expect better from the CBC.
Please inform me by email of what actions are taken on this matter.

[submitted by online form]

Tampa Airport – Nix the Pop Music

November 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

Hello.  I had to wait for several hours in the Tampa Airport today which means that I had to hear several hours of terrible corporate pop music wherever I went, even the washrooms and outside.  Air travel is stressful enough without having to withstand awful music for hours on end.  This has ruined my day and may even ruin my night and my day tomorrow, because pop music easily gets in my head and stays there.  There is absolutely no need for any music at the airport, and if you did play music I would assume that it would be relaxing instrumental music of some kind, not aggravating, obnoxious corporate garbage.  You can do better.

Elizabeth May – Please Don’t Back Down

August 27, 2015 § Leave a comment

Dear Elizabeth May,
Generally I am not a Green Party supporter, though I admire what you’ve been doing in the House of Commons.
Yesterday I came across the articles I’ve linked below.  I had no idea that your party plans to overhaul the Divorce Act and I applaud you for that.  I saw absolutely nothing sexist or anti-feminist in the quoted section of your platform.  In fact, it appeared to me that your party actually downplayed how brutal the family courts treat men, specifically, in this country.
These articles display clearly how feminists will attack in mob formation anyone who supports equality in our family courts and anything but an overtly gynocentric legal and social system.  It’s time that someone prominent like yourself digs in and stands up to these people’s lunacy and mob mentality.  Yes, people should have ways out of abusive relationships, but divorce is a scourge on our society and is particularly harmful to children, which are our future.  The family courts only make things worse in all the ways your platform mentions and worse.  Suicide rates, for example, spike among men who have gone through a divorce.
Thank you so much for reading my letter, and for your work, and please bring some sense and reality back into left wing politics — stand up to these bullies.
Yours Truly,
Toronto, Ontario